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Double Carnation Lei

Lei Away

$ 75.00 $ 85.00

The carnation flower has a lovely history and popular following in Hawaii. Because of the many different color choices and longevity, the carnation lei is a favorable choice among locals and mainlanders alike. The single carnation lei show glimpses of its rich green stem, while the double carnation lei is fuller—using twice the flower, and shows no green stem.

Tip: When ordering a carnation lei, you may request a white carnation lei to be “color-sprayed.” This is common during graduation for unique school colors—for example: Blue or yellow

Long lasting. No fragrance.

*Colors and flower selection may differ, depending on flower availability.

*Do not sprinkle with water, keep refrigerated.

If your lei selection is not available, your order may be substituted for an equal or greater value. Lei Away would rather under promise and over deliver. Shipping Outside of Utah! Lei Away requires a 8 day pre-order for all USPS/FedEx perishable lei orders we ship. There is no Saturday or Monday deliveries, so please plan accordingly.

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