Platinum Package - 1 Premium, Sweetheart, Kukui Nut, Ti Maile

Lei Away

$ 175.00 $ 190.00

Lei Away's diamond assembly, the Platinum Graduation Package comes with:

1 of our Premium leis, this is of our choosing with a value of $50.00 and over. We do not guarantee the type of premium flower lei included,but trust that Lei Away has your best in mind. We are experts in the best lei and want you to be satisfied with your selection.

1 Sweetheart Orchid lei is also known as the feather lei. It has about 3 times as many blooms used in its crafting. A very heavy and long lasting assembly of thick dendrobiums. This lei is vibrant and large, making the recipient feel most important on their special day.

1 Kukui Nut Lei- The Kukui Nut Lei is a handsome and regal gift of Aloha. The Kukui Nut Lei has become more popular than ever.  Not only will it last forever, but will allow the receiver to remember his or her special day. Lei Away's Kukui Nut Lei are hand picked and polished.  We pride ourselves in using the worlds #1 source of authentic Kukui Nuts.

1 Ti maile Lei- The Ti Maile lei is a look alike of the Polynesian Maile Lei. Beautiful, masculine and long lasting. 

*All leis have no fragrance. Do not sprinkle water. Refrigerate.

Shipping Outside of Utah! Lei Away requires a 8 day pre-order for all USPS/FedEx perishable lei orders we ship. There is no Saturday or Monday deliveries, so please plan accordingly.

*If your lei selection is not available, your order may be substituted for an equal or greater value. Lei Away would rather under promise and over deliver.

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